Join the #1 Community for Aspiring and Experienced Digital Nomads

What is the BeNomad community all about?

BeNomad is a tight-knit community of experienced and aspiring digital nomads which helps entrepreneurs, freelancers and startup founders find their space in the online world.

Over the past 2 years over 100.000 people have enjoyed our content in form of case studies, interviews, and how to guides on how to start living and maintain a location independent lifestyle.

While we were publishing informational content on being a digital nomad, we continuously asked our readers for feedback. 

And we realized that, rather than general resources, people were looking for something quite different. 

We discovered the number one thing that most people were looking for in their journey to location independence and entrepreneurial/freelance success. 

A community of like-minded people. 

Thats why we have now decided to take it one step further and have launched the worlds 1st Digital Nomad Networking and Knowledge Sharing Community on Slack.

Since launching, our community has attracted a mix of members from all stages of the digital nomad journey ranging from Influencers, Bloggers, YouTubers, Startup founders, Consultants and Business Owners from all over the world

Our Promise to you:

Building a thriving digital-based business requires a unique mindset. It will be far from easy and you will look around for help more times than you can count.

Surrounding yourself with people who can relate to your struggle, who have been in your shoes and overcome your obstacles will enable you to supercharge your growth by 10x.

By joining our community you will have access to high-level entrepreneurs, consultants, and creatives who are ready to answer your questions and help you onto the path of success.

Current enrollment period closes in


How our community works

20+ industry specific channels

From blogging, over dropshipping, freelancing and social media marketing, we offer insights and advice into a variety of topics that will help you understand how to build a career online. 

Weekly AMA's

We feature weekly Ask-Me-Anything sessions with external experts to get your burning questions on trending topics answered. Whether that is how to find success as a freelancer or how to effectlively launch your next remote startup. 

Accountability program

Shiny object syndrome anyone? There are 100s of daily distractions. We will help you overcome #fomo by pairing you up with an accountability partner and checking in on your weekly progress. 

LIVE meetups

While online friendships are cool, our favorite part of this family like community is that our members meet up all around the world to mastermind, adventure and have a blast together. 

Job postings and collaboration ops

Have a gig that you want to outsource? Post it in our collaboration channel! Got an awesome new idea that you want to partner with a developer for? Reach out to fellow members!
Looking for a remote job - check our job board!

Knowledge Base

You might be interested in the best guide to social media marketing? Or maybe you want to find out about all the options how to setup your company abroad?
We have an extensive knowledge database featuring detailed walkthrough to your questions. 

Meet some of our members

Jacob Laukaitis - Founder of Explorio

A location independent entrepreneur traveling the world with a mission to inspire millions of people to travel more.

Over the last few years Jacob co-founded a couple of successful online businesses (such as ChameleonJohn - a seven-figures online coupons website, and a hotel booking platform Travel-Ticker that got acquired by HotelPlanner), grew his YouTube travel channel to over 180 thousand subscribers and visited over 60 countries.

Andrea Valeria - Vlogger at ItsATravelOD

Andrea Valeria transitioned her side hustle into her dream job of full time travel vlogging. 

She showcases her overdose in travel, through her vlog 'it's a Travel O.D.' on Facebook. Youtube and Instagram.

Born and raised in Panama, she has officially been a digital nomad for 2.5 years now. 

Thalassa van Beek - Content Marketer1

Thalassa left her 9 to 5 job that was not making her happy and started working about two years ago as a freelance social media & content manager.  

Now that she achieved her goal, she is passionate about helping other aspiring freelancers to achieve theirs. 

When she is not busy working on her clients' or her own projects, she is either enjoying everything her new adopted home base Barcelona has to offer, or going on out of town on trips.

What people are saying

Zen Bayno - Virtual Assistant

Before joining BeNomad, I had trouble getting clients and reoccurring projects online.

Through joining I was able to connect with people who needed my services and was able to contract 2 new clients within the first month. 

Being connected with people all around the world who have unique stories from a scientist to a travel vlogger to a consultant have made me realize that even if your background is not connected to the digital world, there's always a way to get what you want - you just gotta face the right direction and start working towards it. 

Lukas Paskauskas - Programmer / Tech Enthusiast

I’ve started my first online side business while still being enrolled at university.

As most of my fellow students did not share the same passion for entrepreneurship and location independence, especially in the beginning, it was a pretty lonely road to take!

While there are plenty of free Facebook groups around the subject, unfortunately 99.9% of the posts and questions there never get answered because nobody feels committed to something that they receive for free!

Fellow members at BeNomad offer advice, form partnerships with you and point in the right direction in case of being stuck.

Within my first week, I have found a perfmance marketer for my newest project and we collaborate together to this day. 

Anthony Christopher - Marketing Consultant

While working for one of the fastest growing digital consultancy agencies in London, I was looking for options that would allow to me take my career online. 

I already had the skills that I needed to acquire clients online but I still had tons of questions about the process of managing clients remotely.

By joining BeNomad I was able to tap into a network of high performing start up founders, consultants and freelancers which were all super helpful and provided me with tips and insights on how to transition my career online and how to manage my variety of projects while travelling full time.

I also embrace the opportunities to be able to meet up with fellow members around the world. Being able to travel, network and mastermind together in person is such an invaluable experience that has made the me joining the community already more than worth it. 

Frequently asked questions:

How much does the membership cost? 


Our community will give you access to high quality content and a group of experienced, inspiring and (we hope) fun digital nomads. However, the maintenance and moderation of the community does require substantial work on our part in order to keep the community a place where all members can thrive and succeed with regards to their respective ambitions.

The fee will also serve as means to filter out unserious or undetermined community members .

Thus we charge this fee on a monthly basis. However, you can cancel renewal any month: if at any given point you find out you don't receive value from the community, you can cancel your subscription will now be renewed for the next month. This way, we make sure you don't risk more than monthly membership fees.

What questions can I ask and what will I learn?

You can ask whatever you are curious about and what you need help with.

Some of our members have been able to get new clients by joining our community, others were able to find business partners and collaborated on a variety of projects. 

We guarantee that you’re going to be blown away by the knowledge in here. On the flip side, we know you also have something amazing to share and we also expect you’ll share that and help others through their journey. This is a win-win community.

Can my membership be revoked?

As a community of driven entrepreneurs, consultants and creatives, it is important that we are helping each other out & treating each other with respect.

If you do not stick to the rules within our community and treat everyone with respect, we will revoke your access.

Why a Slack Community & not a Facebook group?

Facebook groups can often seem disorganized and can become overwhelming.

Whereas Slack is a productivity chat tool used by entrepreneurs and startups around the globe to efficiently communicate with one another.

Our private BeNomad Slack group is divided into 20+ industry specific channels where you can ask questions to the whole group or to individuals and get them answered.

Lastly, Slack allows you to quickly search important files, guides and documents from within the dashboard.

Will I be able to communicate with you personally?

Absolutely! As a BeNomad member, you have access to our here you can ask us (and any other nomads) whatever you like! We also host live Q&A sessions to personally answer any questions you may have.

What benefits do I get as a member?

We run biweekly AMA sessions where we bring onboard external experts to work with you on your business and get your burning questions answered.

Whether that is about social media marketing, the latest influencer strategies, how to land remote job positions or lean startup ideas. 

In addition, we feature frequent hot seat sessions where a bunch of us will hop on a call to discuss 1 persons current problems and bottlenecks in their digital nomad journey and discuss solutions. 

We also feature an ongoing accountability channel where we pair up members in order to ensure that everyone keeps track of each other's progress.


Are you ready to join the #1 Online Community for aspiring and experienced Digital Nomads looking to take their work to the next level?

The Founders

Leo Kipfelsberger

Leo has been traveling the world as a Facebook marketing consultant, helping companies scale their advertisement campaigns online..

He has traveled to nearly sixty countries, networked with many location independent entrepreneurs, and has been blogging about his own journey as well as sharing pictures on Instagram.

Linas Vastakas

Linas has spent the last few years running online education startups. His longest-running project is Interlinear Books - a startup with a mission to bring literature to language learners by subtitling fascinating books in different languages.  

He is also a self-taught coder: he has been coding in Python, JavaScript, PHP, Elixir, various web development technologies, and has picked a very active interest in and been teaching himself blockchain development.  Linas considers travel to be one of his main interests: he has lived in six countries and traveled to some 30 more.